Monday, October 6, 2008

Pandamaran B School Klang (Selangor), Title "Du Ge Chi Ling"
Meaning of the title, Single Horn Unicorn. This unicorn is not a standing object.
It is said to represents a fengshui sitting on a piece of land. Just like
how fengshui masters analyse where does the dragon and the tiger
sits in a particular land. Now this time is "the unicorn sitting"
Now every one has understand the title, lets talk about the story.
The story is about this whole fengshui unicorn sitting has been ruin by some one.
the 2 orange under the 2 chair is the unicorn's eye. The eye has been covered by
two chairs ontop and the long chair behind is the horn that has been drop down.
The lion which came across this place, sees the problem of this land and notice that
the unicorn has been ruin by some one. So the lion, turn around the unicorn's eye,
check and test what is wrong and confirm the problem on the land. So the lion
then kick of the chair to open up the unicorn's eye again.
The lion then, go into the unicorn's horn to stand the horn up again.
and the cheng is just to qulify thr competition requirements because
lion dance competition need to have a session of
lion dance eating chengs.

Scoring 7.66

Sungei Way Khuan Loke (Selangor), Title "Qiao Tou Ching" Meaning of the title, In chinese "Qiao" Pronounce as "Chiao" simply means Bridge. So the entire title is, cheng on the end of the broken END bridge" To play with bridge which has a broken end, the story goes like this, A lion comes out and play around and it found a bridge.
So the lion will has an intention tocross the bridge.
When crossing bridge, lion must express the mood of looking around, being
very carefull about the bridge and every stept that it actually takes,
looking at its own reflection on the water below the bridge, and
also play with the water using its feet. Once the lion reach to a certain point of the bridge, he found that the bridge has no more way to go. So at this point, lion has to express his disapointment. While expressing its disapointment, the lion notice there is a some thing to eat at the end of the broken area. So again, the lion has to express his joy of noticing the cheng and finally eats it. After eating lion have to do cleaning action. Eyes, ears, mouth and body. After cleaning, It turns back and go down back from where he came.

Scoring 7.61

Hainan Association Tian Hou Gong (Selangor), Title "Qiao Tou Ching" Meaning of the title, same as Khuan Loke

Scoring 7.55 - 0.2 = 7.35

Puchong Chung Hwa School (Selangor)
Title "Qiao Tou Ching" Meaning of the title, same as Khuan Loke.

Scoring 7.28

Kepong Kok Hing (Kuala Lumpur), Title "Chan Qiao Ching" Meaning of the title, Chan Qiao means broken bridge. So the entire title is, Cheng found around the the broken bridge.
The story is about the bridge that has been broken in the middle. The way to perform starts of
with the same as a normal bridge performance. But when the lion notice there is a broken path in the center, it has to express its fear and awareness on every steps that it takes. Any how, finally the lion also
accidently step on the the ware off wood and it broke of. Here, the lion has to express its extream fear and shock. The lion again test carefully and look carefully and finally took its
greates courage to leap over. After leaping over the lion has to look back again and express its glad and ego that it actually manage to pass the obstacle. After expressing, the lion found he cheng and express its happiness and joy. Finally eats it with appreciation.
This type of performance can be perform in two ways, One is, extreamly old and broken bridge
that has no way at the other end that the lion has to turn back after picking the cheng.
Another one is, the bridge only broken at the center. So, after the lion leap across, there is another
way down at the other end. Ofcourse, there is a cheng to pick some where
after the lion leap over.

Scoring 7.76 - 0.2 = 7.56

Kin Cho Hong (Pahang) Title "Qiao Di Cheng" Meaning of the title, Cheng under the bridge.
Story and way of performing same as ordinary bridge performance
but instead of having the cheng at the end, The lion actually found the cheng under the bridge.

Scoring 7.4 - 0.1 = 7.3

Subang Hong Teck (Selangor). Title "Su Wu, Mu Yang" Meaning of the title, "Su wu" is a persons name, "Mu yang" is guiding goats. Also can be name as "Su Wu the Shepherd "
The story of "Su Wu". Su Wu is a person in Han dynasty. During the Han Dynasty, the Han Emperor sent him (Su Wu) to country called "Xiong Nu" a country which is todays, the state of "Xinjing" China. In the early years of the Western Han Dynasty, the Western Regions were under the rule of the Xiongnu. They are the king of the Huns the most successful barbarian invader of the Roman Empire.
At that time Xiong Nu Emperor cought Su Wu and force him to represent the Han, China to surrender their country to Xiong Nu but Su Wu refuse. Xiong Nu then, Punish him by leaving him by the field and would only let him return to his country when male goat can give birth.

The Lion and Su Wu is just a story written by people dacates him who are involve in lion dance. Meaning "lion and Su Wu" it is not a history its just a story. Because of the respect of the lion towards Su Wu's loyalty towards its own country, When the lion is playing around the field, he saw a goat has ran away from the whole group of goat that
guard by Su Wu. Showing kindness, the lion helps him (Su Wu) to chase the goat back to the group of goats. After chasing, the lion approach Su Wu to give its kind respect to him. Su Wu showed its thanks by giving the lion a piece of food (the cheng) . Lion express his joy and give 3 bows to him to show its appreaciations.

Performance : the long chair represents the goats, The blue cloth and rocks represents water where the lion actually drinks it. The chair at the end with a stick with a cheng on it represents Su Wu.
Scoring 7.46 - 0.2 = 7.62
More Of Su Wu @ :

SMJK (C) Yu Hua Lion Dance Troupe from Kajang, Selangor. Title "Qiao Di Cheng" Meaning of the title, same as Kin Sho Hong (Pahang)

SMK Keat Hwa Lion Dance Troupe Alor Setar (Kedah). Title "Tang San" Meaning of the title, Hill Mounting. To perform hill mounting, lion must perform act such as carefully observe the open way to the hill. After confirming every where is safe and the mountian/hill is safe to go up, lion will perform mounting move. For Hoksan lion dancers, when performing the "tang san" move, there is a move where lion need to kneel the mountian. Kneeling the mountian have to use left leg. After successfully reaching the top of the mountian, lion must perform the act of admiring scenery as because it is a mountian. Obviously it will be very high up and far across there is many scenery. While admiring scenery, lion also must express its awareness towards its sourrounding against danger. Finally the joy of its hunt over its food (cheng). After eating, comes the cleaning and down the hill again.

Scoring 6.95 - 1.01 = 5.85

Catholic High School Lion Dance Troupe Petaling Jaya, (Selangor). Title of the cheng "Ba Shan Xie Shui Chu Chong Ling" Meaning of the title, Ba Shan Xie Shui means exploring mountians and playing with waters, Finally Chu Chong Ling means coming out from the forest.

Technically there is a conflict against traditional performance. Normally scenery and waters is located outside deep forest. And traditionally, lions only enjoy its sourroundings after coming out from a long stay in the deep forest. Probably, this title and performance can be correct it this way. "Ba Shan Xie Shui, Hui Chong Ling" meaning, after playing around and admiring his sourroudings, then it goes in back to the forrest from where it came from.

To perform coming out from forest, story goes this way, A lion has a long stay in the forest and one day it decided to go out of the forest to play around. Outside the deep forest most probably will have very strong sunlight that shines. So when lion is about to come out from forest it has to perform an act where its head sloly comes out of the forest looking left and right for a while, then quickly step backwards into the forest again due to strong sunlight resulting discomfort on its eyesight. After doing that several of times, it sloly get use to the sunlight and with joy it happily comes out. Because of a long stay in the forest, the lion has devalope home feeling with the forest. So, it will express its heavy heart leaving the forest and also scratching its back against the exit of the forest. After coming out, lion will play around. If there is water, it will play the water with its feet and finally found the cheng. The cheng can be where ever. Some will put it on top of the trees and some will put it between 2 rocks. After eating, normally the lion will go back into the forest.

Scoring for Catholic High School Lion Dance Troupe Petaling Jaya, (Selangor) 7.78

Heng Yu Lion Dance Troup Serdang (Selangor). Title of the cheng, "Shui Lu Ping An"
Meaning of the title,
Peace On Land & Water. Performance will be very similar to ordinary bridge cheng. Its only the title is describing the performance should be peacefull all the way up and all the way down.

Scoring 6.95 - 0.2 =

Goh Chor Lion Dance Troupe Segamat (Johor). Title "Ge An Chai Ching"
Meaning of the title, Plucking the cheng on the opposite site.
To perform this title, Lion has to be situated at the opposite site of its food (cheng).
From the opposite site, lion sees it goal and it will find ways to get across the river. So happen, there is a bridge at the river bank. So, the lion will make use of its skills to connect the itself to the opposite using the bridge. Once the bridge connects to the opposite site, the lion express its joy because the lion knows that he is definately going to get its food. After crossing, it will continue express its joy but not forgetting that lion is always in its awareness against danger. After confirming no danger around, it will grab its cheng and eats it will appreciation. It can end the performance in the opposite site or where it originally was.

Scoring 8.16

Gui Qing Lion Dance Association (Negeri Sembilan) Title of the cheng "Hua Er San Nong". Meaning of the title, Picking the cheng 3 times.

The title explains it all. Its just that it opens with a Bridge performance or a Hill Mounting performance. Once it reaches the cheng, it will pick the cheng and does it 3 times. Of course there is a story here compose by this particullar team. By watching this video we can tell that, after the lion successfully grab the cheng, it drop it again on the river's stone. Expressing its anger and frustration for losing its food, it then calm down again and pick the cheng again and plays it again.

Scoring 7.4

Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Association Muar (Johor). Title "Tang San" Meaning of the title and performance is same as SMK Keat Hwa Lion Dance Troupe Alor Setar (Kedah)

Scoring 7.25

Lian Hua Gong Puchong (Selangor) Title of the cheng, Same as Khuan Loke.

Scoring 7.43

Kim Sheng Lion Dance Troupe (Selangor). Title of the cheng, "Feng Chui, Chao Dung"
Meaning of the cheng, Feng chui simply means wind blowing, Chao means grass, Dung means move. Entire title means "wind blow, grass moves"

To perform this, here is the story line. A lion playing around with its sorroudings with water and its beautifull scenery. Then, the lion cross the river and found that there is a spot of long untrimmed grasses. Cat species animals are ment to be curious. So, the lion is excited to find out what it is. Again with its very carefull steps, sloly move towards the long grasses spots. As the lion reaches near to the grasses, and as the wing blows the grasses and make the grasses move, the lion saw a snake hiding inside and near by the snake, there is "ling zhi" (also a type of chengs in lion dance.) The lion will attract the snake's attention and get rid of the snake. After getting rid of the snake, The lion will again express its ego and joy for getting rid of its obstacles and finally eating its food. Some lion dancers will perform drunken lions after consuming "ling zhi" exactly like what this team does.

Scoring 7.3

Hu Lu Ding Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe (Negeri Sembilan)
Title of the cheng, "Qiao Ching". Meaning of the cheng is Bridge cheng. Similar with Khuan Loke. But normal bridge can be end on the other side of the bridge. Not nessary to turn back because the bridge is not a broken bridge.

Scoring 7.03 - 0.1 = 6.93

SMK Keat Hwa Lion Dance Troupe Alor Setar (Kedah). Title "Tang San" Meaning of the title, Hill Mounting.

Performance, Same as ordinary hill mounting but they start of with the lion resting under the tree. What wakes the lion up? it can be water drips from the tree. And it also can be ants dropping from the tree and bitten the lion. If you are telling the story of ants bitting. Lion has to express its irritation by scratching its neck and biting its body to get rid of the ants.

Scoring 7.9

Hong Teck Sungei Buluh (Selangor) Title of the cheng, Same as Khuan Loke

Scoring 7.6 - 0.3 = 7.3

Segamat Goh Chor E team (Johor), Title "Xiong Shi Ge An Qu" Meaning of the title, Same as the first title, Only different way of wording.

Scoring 7.88 - 0.2 = 7.68